Paul Newman is a professional voice coach, vocal tutor and singing teacher based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

If you are in South Yorkshire, near Sheffield... and are looking for a professional vocal coach or voice tutor to deliver singing lessons, call the singing teacher from Vocaledge, Paul Newman, on 077077 43618.


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Teaching: Considerations and Respect


The teacher/student relationship is a special one.

This relationship works best when both teacher and student are clear and honest before, during and after lessons.

If either fails to attend an arranged lesson or cancels at short notice, this can be taken by the other as a lack of respect which makes further lessons uncomfortable.

In rare cases where short notice must be given, respect can be shown by offering some form of recompense. An offer of half the lesson fee by either teacher or student is customary and demonstrates that the respect vital to the teaching relationship is alive and well.

Exploring the voice is a fascinating journey -
May our endeavours be fruitful, friendly and fun!

Paul C. Newman, 2012.




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