Paul Newman - professional vocal & audition coach for Sheffield, Barnsley, Chesterfireld & South Yorkshire

If you are entering a TV talent competition such as 'Britain's got Talent' or the 'XFactor' in South Yorkshire, near Sheffield... and are looking for a professional vocal and performance coach, call Paul Newman of Vocaledge.


telephone: 077077 43618



why take speaking lessons?

The spoken voice is a vital way of communicating with others. The ability to speak clearly and with sufficient volume is essential for getting your needs and wants met.

People from many professions take speaking lessons in order to be better understood and to have a greater influence over their circumstances.



There are many ways to improve a speaking voice.
These include looking at:

Volume - projecting the voice
Accents - received pronunciation as a model
Lisping - forming sibiliance and plosives
Hoarseness - safe vocal use

Fees for speaking lessons are £30 per one hour session, plus £10 for travel expenses within Sheffield. Lessons are arranged by phone or email.



hourly group rates

If you have a group of three or more who would like to share a standard singing/voice lesson, groups can take advantage of the £50 hourly rate (plus expenses) and split the cost of tuition between you. Ideal for bands, choirs, team building or just for fun!

Upon request vocaledge can provide you with a high quality MP3 recording of your session (cost included in lesson fee), improving your recall and maximising the benefit you get from one lesson.

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